VISIOled put at your disposal its know-how and inform you on the different services available

The Leds

A beautiful sign is made of a careful manufacture et high quality leds. 
In order to guarantee you performance and longevity, we have chosen for you several references of high quality Light-Emitting Diodes

Signs done with patented fabrication process are fitted with Nichia's LEDs, made in Japan.
According to its fabrication process, some of our products are fitted with LEDs from the brand CREE®, a well-known American manufacturer.

Study & Quotation

For your project creation, or replacement of sign, we can advice you; do a product demonstration and propose you different models of your project. In the same way, to meet as much as possible your needs, we can propose you as many quotations as models of your projects.

In case of, to help you in your administrative procedures, we can supply you all documents needed for the installation or replacing demand of a sign.

Delivery and installation

VISIOled’s main goal is to offer you the utmost adapted solution to meet your needs. They can be easily installed by an electrician or a particular with some do-it-yourself notions.


For the international delivery, please contact us to know the shipping cost.


VISIOled offers an installation service on the national plan, which is also available for some European countries.  Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

There are two possibilities of installation; or in façade or in flag.

The flags’ installation can be operated in two different ways, on the wall or on a post. If it is on a post, please communicate us its diameter, or side, so we can equip your sign according to those data. This service doesn’t include any additional cost.

To help you in your construction approaches, if you want to do the installation by yourself, VISIOled offers laying kits including every tool needed to set your sign, and put at your disposal a mounting template and a hotline.


Thanks to our technologic innovation and our proven electronic system, VISIOled can assure an optimum performance of its products, and provide also a high reliability in the most difficult conditions.

Warranty’s period

All Led signs, designed and developed by VISIOled, are at least ensured 3 years and can also be provided with a further 3 years extension of guarantee.

However the Premium line, is the only line ensured by VISIOled with a 5-year warranty extendable up to 10 years.

Warranty’s condition

For European countries, and worldwide, the warranty includes the pieces, the manpower of the factory and the transports costs back to factory.

For further information on our warranty’s conditions, please consult our terms and conditions.